CBI students dance the night away

Another year, another prom. The dresses, the suits, and the shoes all thrown to the side once the night ends; however, this upcoming Fri. there is something that means even more dancing and more laughs. CBI prom.

CBI prom started around 17 years ago to help celebrate the students who can’t attend the regular dances. The students that can’t attend are susceptible to moving/strobe lights and loud music, so this prom is to give the kids a chance to have a good time without causing any unnecessary problems.

Amber Casey was a first time teacher at the time that Susie Majors was running CBI prom. Casey was recruited to help Majors with the decorations and immediately decided that it was something well worth her time and effort.

“I was teaching (as an intern) and fell in love with the kids in her class. They were having such a great time, and they were so loving and accepting to everyone who came to dance,” tells Casey.

Seniors Matthew Campbell and Baylee Knight are all smile with Zoe Johnson.

 Casey decided to take matters into her own hands and continue the CBI boogie. Majors resolved that these students should get just as much as any other high school student. 

“She decided to do a Prom for her kids because they didn’t have any celebrations that were specifically geared towards the students with special needs,” explains Casey.

Majors realized the situation with the kids. She decided to make a change and give the students what every average high schooler got, a celebration rocking into the night.


Sadie Johnson, ’19, and Breanna Knight, ’19, both are cheering on Cyclones at a game earlier in the school year.

Now the dance in the black box isn’t the music you’re used to. “The kids like dancing to old school music, and you will hear everything from Christian to Country to Classic Rock. We even do the Funky Chicken and the Hokey Pokey sometimes!” With these awesome tunes how can anyone not enjoy the prom?

While Casey and the kids had a great time, she decided they needed more, thus Partner’s club was born.

Partner’s club was directly assembled to get the average high schooler involved with the beyond average special needs kids. If the kids need help, who do you call? Partner’s club. If there is some party that needs decorating, who do you call? Partner’s club.

The kids in Partner’s club get to be involved and make a difference in the CBI students lives. These kids don’t always get the student attention they want or need. This club makes it possible for them to know the students they go to school with.

The CBI prom will be happening this Fri. from 6-8 in the black box theater. From country to rock music, there’s no need to spend your Friday night any other way!




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