CBI tech camp with EAST

Renee Cawyer,’17 works with Alexis Pope,’17 and Destiny Rogers,’19 on making some wacky tunes.
Pope,’17 brainstorming about her new and upcoming movie.
Annalisa Goins, ’18 shows Austin Harris, ’18 how to check that his images are sharp and crisp.
Harris,’18 and Kayla Midlam,’17 chatting about the robot named “Craig” after Mr.Boroughs nick name, “Craig O’Neill”.
As Alexandria Sharrar,’17 watches the video feed from the drone Deondrion, Stephens,’18 watches it hover above.
Sharrar ’17 watches Kevin Turner’17 maneuver the drone around the RHS campus.
Tanner Maxwell ,’19 and Harris,’18 watches a layer-by-layer 3D print of a rocket.
After a fun filled day of learning, everyone  poses for a group picture.

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