Prom Crash 2017

This year’s senior picnic day was full of fun, excitement, and happiness. From the skits put on by senior parents in the arena, to the deliciously grilled hamburgers and games in the old gym, the day seemed to be full of laughs. However, for one particular moment of the day all laughs faded, and somberness swept over the senior class as they watched Prom Crash take place.

Prom Crash has been performed every year since 1993. It was put in place to emphasize the disasters which could occur on prom night should students choose to make bad decisions while behind the wheel. During Prom Crash, member s of the high school theatre program, dressed completely in prom attire, act out the script which they have written to display the panic and sorrow which ensues after a devastating crash. This year participants in Prom Crash included seniors Cailey Koch, Abbey Cooper, Kevin Turner, Montgomery Dodge, Andrew Escobar, and Deja Daniels.  Koch portrayed the role of a drunk driver while Turner portrayed the role of the fatality which occurred as a result of Koch’s drinking and driving. Other students Cooper, Dodge, Escobar, and Daniels acted as the individuals injured in the car which Koch hit. The local law enforcement and emergency service personal were also involved in the demonstration playing an extremely important role in making it as real as possible for the students watching by acting out exactly what would happen should a real situation like Prom Crash arise.


In the scenario presented by the students, the full aftermath of an accident was unveiled. Blood, tears, shattered glass, crumpled cars, and sheer terror, surrounded the site of the accident graphically depicting the horror of such an event. Listening to the narration of the event running through the speakers, the entire senior class surrounded the site of crash setup watching as parents arrived to the scene distraught, screaming, crying, and facing unimaginable tragedy after learning that their child had died. The emotions which portrayed by the actors were realistic in such a way that even students watching felt their impact, even to the brink of tears.


The incredible acting ranging from the students, to the parents, to even local law and emergency services combined with an unbelievably real set made Prom Crash a complete success, especially in the aspect of the impression which it left on senior students. The 2017 Prom Crash truly showed students how the consequences of one bad decision can end a life and forever alter the lives of those around them.

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