Scholarships to apply for!

As everyone knows it’s nearing holiday season, but with good tidings comes scholarship deadlines. As a senior myself I feel it is both my duty and opportunity to share some of the scholarships that have been snowed down on me from the heavens:

  1.  (Multiple)

This site is government funded. On this site you are able to apply for multiple scholarships such as the Woodruff Scholarship which is worth $1,000. You also are allowed to enter a free scholarship search that allows the website to find scholarships specifically tailored to you. Most of the scholarships that you apply for on this site aren’t long essays; they usually range from 100-300 characters.

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This website allows you to see multiple scholarships that you can apply for.This site allows you to apply for all the scholarships that are available. Most of the scholarships don’t take a long time to fill out, however some are essays that you have to write. Lots of these scholarships are funny like: “what ice cream flavor would you be?”

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On this website it allows you to enter all of your courses, ACT scores, and lots of other information about your school career that allows to “make” college money. I wouldn’t recommend this unless one of the schools that you want to go to is on this site.

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The edfoundation is a website that has scholarships for students who are interested in furthering their career in technology.

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Fastweb is also another website a lot like Unigo. You make an account, answer a bunch of questions, then they match you with scholarships that could potentially be yours.

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On this website you don’t have to make an account or anything. You click on the link above and it takes you to scholarships that you can apply for. It also tells you the date that it is due.

  1.  (One)

This link look ridiculous and horrendous, however it is neither of those things. This is a scholastic scholarship with a handwritten essay about someone who helps someone outside of the classroom. It is worth $15,000.


This scholarship is for African American students. I do not know how much you could receive, but I do know that is from a reliable source.

For your safety I have made sure that all websites/scholarships listed are secure. If you look in the left hand corner of your URL it will say “Secure” if the website is valid. Some scholarships may not have that if it takes you to a different site, so please be cautious.

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