Tennis Players

Our tennis players put a lot of time into becoming the best players they can be.  There are a lot of new players this year that are having to step up to the plate.

Abigail Molitor, ’18, is playing singles in her first year on the team and has had a lot of success in her matches.  Her greatest strength is her serve because it is consistent.  She can be seen out on the courts hitting serve after serve until they’re just right.  “My winning strategy is to get my blood pumping.  I sweat the most in the games I win,” she said.

“Aw this is my third?! I thought it was my second [burger]…” Carson Willis said as he ate his stack of Braum’s burgers.
Brett Dale, ’20, is new to the team as well, and he is a fan. “It’s fun because you get to build relationships with people you wouldn’t have met [otherwise],” says Dale.

Dale’s goal is to keep his head in the game.  It’s easy to hit the ball back without thinking, but in order to win the big points, placement and form need to be strategic.

“My biggest challenge is making sure everything goes right,” says Dale, “because there are so many ways it can go wrong.”

Dale has been successful in his games, especially since this is his first year on the team.  One thing that helps him is knowing that his teammates are watching.  Dale said, “It’s more fun when your tennis teammates cheer you on as you do good.”

Rosa Loaeza, ’18, hasn’t had too much luck so far. She is new to the team but has faith for the end of the season.  “All I want is to win a game because I’ve lost all of them,” she said, “I’m trying to get better and better every [game]… I’ll be happy the day I win.”

Ana Velazquez, ’18, joined the team last year and recommends that everyone else do the same.  “Even if you’ve never played before, Coach is so willing to let you learn because it’s all about having fun.”

Loaeza and Kriegel discuss the gameplan.

“[Tennis] is a sport without drama. Everyone on the team is really supportive, and they’re your friends no matter what.” -Ana Velazquez 





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