The workaholics of high school

From personal experience, having to work for six full hours on your feet can really take a toll. Leaving you tired and stressed, working while studying isn’t always the easiest. Employees tirelessly work to try to serve and meet the needs of their customers and their teachers. Still at times things do not go smoothly, and when customers respond with rudeness it only makes it more difficult. That is why it’s important to have courtesy when entering a restaurant.

While visiting a restaurant, the first rule of courtesy is being able to have patience with the servers and hosts that work there. Especially if there is a line out of the door, expect to have to wait a few minutes to get your food. If it takes a few minutes to get your food don’t get mad at the people in the front because they don’t have control over your food being cooked.

Brianna Basinger, ’19, and Frankie Flores, enjoy a night dining at Chili’s.

When customers begin to have an attitude because their service is slow, it’s because workers are trying their best to give everyone their full attention. Trying to get drinks and get people’s orders while collecting money is really difficult to do when people begin to get impatient or frustrated.

Coming to complain over little things to workers is beyond disgruntling because we don’t have control over a lot of the problems that happen. For example, if you accidently got a burger with onions on it, but you didn’t want them on it. I am the server not the cook. There is no reason why something as little as that should upset anyone so badly. The onions can come off, the hatred you shared with me cannot.

When I first started my job in May of the past year, there was an incident where I called an order out to someone that happened to place their order after someone else. This caused a customer to come up and get frustrated because he ordered before him. By telling him that the amount of food you order depends on the time your food comes out, got a response of an eye roll and mumbling under his breath. Finally, when the food came out the man angrily snatched the food from my hands. By getting to learn from this experience, you can take away that having patience and being nice sometimes is the best thing to do.

Just put your best foot forward; whether it’s getting onions on your burger, or just not getting your food on time. Having a great experience, whether you’re a customer or an employee, is the key to dining out.



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